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Recovery Seed 12 Words vs 24 Words

I am wondering why are some recovery seed like on the trezor 24 words and some wallets only 12 words.
Also how does it work exactly that you can store multiple types of coins on a hardware wallet like a trezor and they are share the same recovery seed?
I am looking for somewhat of a technical explanation of how it works.
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Double-spending unconfirmed transactions is a lot easier than most people realise

Example: tx1 double-spent by tx2
How did I do that? Simple: I took advantage of the fact that not all miners have the exact same mempool policies. In the case of the above two transactions due to the fee drop introduced by 0.9 only a minority of miners actually will accept tx1, which pays 0.1mBTC/KB, even though the network and most wallet software will accept it. (e.g. Android wallet) Equally I could have taken advantage of the fact that some of the hashing power blocks payments to Satoshidice, the "correct horse battery staple" address, OP_RETURN, bare multisig addresses etc.
Fact is, unconfirmed transactions aren't safe. BitUndo has gotten a lot of press lately, but they're just the latest in a long line of ways to double-spend unconfirmed transactions; Bitcoin would be much better off if we stopped trying to make them safe, and focused on implementing technologies with real security like escrow, micropayment channels, off-chain transactions, replace-by-fee scorched earth, etc.
Try it out for yourself: https://github.com/petertodd/replace-by-fee-tools
EDIT: Managed to double-spend with a tx fee valid under the pre v0.9 rules: tx1 double-spent by tx2. The double-spent tx has a few addresseses that are commonly blocked by miners, so it may have been rejected by the miner initially, or they may be using even higher fee rules. Or of course, they've adopted replace-by-fee.
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Mycelium Bug / Exploit

Down Vote This Thread User Error
~~ This is a cross post that i made on the bitcointalk forum just thought I would put it here as well to see if any one had any thoughts.
Yesterday I sent 0.0993 BTC to my friends phone and the funds never showed up. I am using an LG G2 with android 4.2.2 and the most recent mycellium and he has a nexus 5 with android 4.4 with the most up to date mycellium. My address is 15eoLGGEwnVyqUxY8yQrNKf6c8zM7Hqanh and his is 1KaPzW1GPpYMzYBVTbHQ2zaUNfaMhPfZiU.
According to blockchain.info the funds left his wallet a couple minutes before they even arrived. I am assuming that as soon as he generated the QR code a withdraw was placed for the exact amount. I can only assume that his private key was compromised. He had just generated that key minutes before we did that transaction.
I know those funds are gone I just want people to be aware that there could be a serious bug somewhere. The BTC ended up in this address 1Gbp4mLHPepB3FFmBphhNcyLNaYLFyHcxj which at one point had swept correct horse battery staple. This is very weird. Any insight into what just happened would be appreciated. ~~
Edit: Thread on Bitcointalk Link
Edit: Friend clicked on the wrong address and had me send funds to publicly known private key Thank you mongodbace Link
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Keep a brain wallet in an upcoming Bitcoin song.

I've just launched my first crypto token which lets anyone include audio in my upcoming Bitcoin songs hosted on SoundCloud for 0.1 btc.
Here's my latest Bitcoin track, AMLKYC.
This is as far as I'm aware a novel way to store brain wallets. The example I gave in the description reads:
you could codify the words as associative sounds eg. correct horse battery staple -> ‘bing’ ‘horse galloping’ ‘phone charging sound effect’ ‘stapling a document’)
To elaborate a bit on this, you would use more words or sounds and change the order using an 'order key' or index, keeping it separate from the song so anyone listening (including me) isn't able to figure out your sound code and steal your bitcoins.
Eg. You might decide in this case the 'order key'/index is 3,1,2,4 which means you give me the sounds in this order:
'horse galloping' 'battery charging' 'bing' 'stapling sound'
When you listen to the song later and recognise your recorded sounds you change the order according to your 'order key'/index
Create the brain wallet using bitaddress.org
If anyone likes to buy a Crypto-Token and support my music please do NOT send any bitcoins to 'Samples for DJ Leo' which was my earlier attempt for which I managed to lose the private key! I can't take down the asset unfortunately as it's in the blockchain. If anyone from CoinPrism can disable that asset on the site I would be grateful.
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Lost my first 0.03 BTC today

This is a cautionary tale for people new to bitcoin and a reminder for those already into it. I use Hive as a desktop wallet on my computer. It can be secured by a password. At the time I created my password, it was something I would remember given the circumstances of my life at that time using the "correct battery horse staple" method. It's been about a month or so since I created the wallet, and now I cannot recall the exact order and quantity of the words in the password.
I didn't write down the password because I foolishly thought it was something I'd be able to remember at any time. Now I have to mentally write it off or else I'd go crazy thinking about it. With online banks or PayPal, there's the safety net of password recovery, but it's not the same with Bitcoin. If you're irresponsible like I was, you'll lose access to your BTC.
tl;dr: keep a safe copy of any passwords you may use to secure your digital access to bitcoins.
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Vanity and Brain address at the same time

hey there /bitcoin!
Does anyone have a way to make a vanity address (custom one, like “1snubCeB4apZUsuVJvvoRBK8G7AFo15ri”) yet have it memorizable through a brain wallet (“correct battery horse staple”).
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Best way to remove a private key from Bitcoin-Qt?

Hi, I have added the private key of a brainwallet to my client with the password "correct horse battery staple". That is the default password defined here: http://brainwallet.org/
Obviously I did not want to use that address, I was just curious what's happening there. Unfortunately this address is constantly spammed with transactions, which makes my bitcoin client (I use 0.8.2) completely unusable. My computer is always at 100% CPU and the client does not respond.
Is there any way to remove this private key, or do I have to create a new wallet and re-add all the private keys?
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BrainWallet Strength / Entropy Question

Hello /bitcoin,
I have been playing with BTC for a while, and I decided to invest 1-2% of my salary over 2-3 years and see what happens. I think that the safest possible method is a brainwallet generated with a live OS.
Here is my method for creating a passphrase (later executed on an offline copy of brainwallet.org from a live CD):
  1. Choose 3 friends (with indian names spelled in a peculiar way)
  2. Create a sequence : for each one.
  3. Concatenate all 3 sequence, add a digit.
So my passphrase is :

The questions :
  1. (Is the entropy strong with this one?) entropy=randomness, this is random enough - right guys?
  2. How many brain wallets to create? (one, 10 ? don't put all your eggs in the same basket and all that)
  3. Is "correct horse battery staple" the best passphrase ever? just.trolling
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Largest Private Bitcoin Mine in USA  Behind The Scenes Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal Is SOCIALIST Trojan Horse YouTube YouTube 1200 Shatoshi per 10 minutes - New Bitcoin Generator

"correct horse battery staple" is a reference to xkcd [0]. Its not meant to be "random" and not meant to be used by anyone. I assume that people who send funds to that address are fully aware that anyone can access them. Over a year ago, I contacted the dev myself to at least ask him to at change the default phrase to "do not use this passphrase". Anyone unfamiliar with XKCD comics might reasonably assume that the website's default passphrase, "correct horse battery staple", is in fact a one-time diceware style randomly generated passphrase.. EDIT: As a test, I just sent $.25 to the brain wallet for NEVER USE ... Using your own variant on “correct horse battery staple” for multiple accounts is also a bad idea, from a security and privacy perspective. A single compromised account could leak all the passwords to your email, Bitcoin exchange, and other sensitive accounts. Dogecoin Dash Zcash Clams Ethereum Bitcoin Brainwallet. The list of almost all ever used Bitcoin brainwallets, created from weak passphrases. Posted in Security Hacks Tagged correct horse battery staple, diceware, dictionary attack, eff, passphrase, passphrase list Post navigation ← Good In A Pinch: The Physics Of Crimped Connections

[index] [9927] [24075] [19054] [15112] [28467] [5581] [20940] [25862] [26515] [11449]

Largest Private Bitcoin Mine in USA Behind The Scenes

The Green New Deal Is A SOCIALIST Trojan Horse. In fact most of the policy positions in the bill have to do with providing services to people instead of fixing the economy. The far left bill does ... This video shows how to bend PVC pipe using boiling water and a jig to hold the desired shape in the pipe. This process was used to construct five rounded ro... Professional Adjustments ... Amateur Videos ~ Intentional ASMR Videos ~ Condenser Microphone Captured Crunches ~ Quiet Face Paper ~ Quiet Office (no phones o... This temporary account can have funds transferred out simply by a merchants reader reading the correct NDEF record and GUID from the NFC Ring. This method is cordially named the "Top up Beer Money". Touring the largest Bitcoin Mines in North America and showing you what goes into building these giant power hungry crypto currency farms with electricity & cooling. This video was originally ...